What makes a company a ‘People Company’?

Many of the world’s most innovative and progressive businesses have one thing in common: their employees come first.

We have a name for companies that prioritise the success of their people: ‘People Companies’.

But what does it mean to really put your employees first? Here are seven examples.

  1. People are positive 

The last thing you want is for your team to spend their Sunday evenings dreading the next day. This is why it’s so important to give your employees meaningful work experiences. This doesn’t mean free snacks and a dart board in the break room; it means your employees feel engaged. It means they are inspired and empowered through projects that tap into their passions, values, and long-term goals. Simply put, being a People Company means understanding who each team member is as an individual and helping them be their best selves.

  1. Care is taken with a company’s brand 

Inevitably, when it comes time to hire new people, candidates will research the company as much as the company researches them, which means your social media profiles should reflect your culture. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, social media is often how potential employees measure you against competitors. With this in mind, put thought and energy into managing these platforms and your image.

  1. Decisions are based on science

Another defining characteristic of a People Company is its ability to be proactive in its management of people by understanding their core motivations. This is done by harnessing the data pulled by People Science and using it when designing the processes and culture of the business.

  1. Reviews are a regular occurrence

People Companies know that annual appraisals are a thing of the past; rather, feedback is collected throughout the year. Through regular appraisals, performance improvements can be made faster, and a continuous and open conversation can flow between you and your team. Agile thinking not only benefits the way you approach your projects, but also the way you approach your team. 

  1. Change is embraced

Flexibility in the workplace is a huge factor in attracting the most talented people. And once you have them, running a tech-savvy and mobile team is how you keep them. These new ways of working are being embraced for a reason – people expect the same immediacy in their work lives as they’ve come to rely on in their personal lives.

  1. Processes are automated

Being a People Company means using people systems within your HR department. Your employees want the freedom to manage things on their own – whether it’s setting objectives or booking a holiday.

Through automation, your leaders can free up their time to focus on their people, get feedback more quickly, and change course when needed. The iterative nature of this redesign means people companies are more productive and engaged than those that don’t put people first.

  1. Chief People Officers are a thing 

To run a company that’s focused on its people, your HR team needs to evolve. People Companies hire Chief People Officers to run teams comprised of business psychologists, marketing and communication specialists, designers, and others.

Remember this: becoming a People Company means leveraging the newest science and approaches to create a positive work experience for your people.