Capstone Advisory Services CC


Capstone Advisory Services was established in 2005 to provide accounting and tax advice to small to medium businesses that needed help at an affordable price. The Company’s primary goal is to offer a premium level of services enjoyed by major businesses but at a cost affordable to the smaller business organizations. We also offer Internal Auditing and Forensic Accounting services to assess your risk or develop systems to reduce risk.
Capstone has extensive experience and expertise in a wide variety of industries, like manufacturing, retail, modeling, and film production sectors as well as supermarkets, property developers, NPO’s and service-based clients, but not limited to any industry. Along with the latest offerings of drafting trusts and wills. Capstone also offers to act as Executors of those documents for deceased estates and parties. We specialize in business restructuring, valuations, and cash flow predictions. Also, let us come in and assess your business compliance status. Struggling with SARS issues we can handle this on your behalf if it is a dispute or a SARS audit.


Telephone: 827723500