C3A Computer Auditing and Accounting


Computer Auditing and Accounting cc

• Advise customers about the efficiency and reliability of computer networks and systems utilized by their organizations.
• Evaluate information processing systems to determine their efficiency, accuracy, and completeness
• Analyze business systems to determine the completeness and accuracy of transactions that have already by processed
• Analyze applications systems and their business protocols to determine whether business goals are being attained
• Design and develop new systems intended to enhance system efficiency
• Assess a company’s environment where computers are located to ensure security procedures are being followed and the technology is operating correctly and efficiently
• Review hardware and software purchases to ensure these new products will enable companies to meet their objectives and stay within their prescribed budgets
• Monitor and report how computer facilities are being utilized
• Speak with data processing supervisors and employees who utilize the computer systems
• Prepare written reports with specific recommendations intended for improving how computer facilities, software, and other technology that is utilized in the workplace.
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