Wrapping your head around Sage’s services

4 days ago

Sage’s comprehensive cloud-based accounting software may seem intimidating to the uninitiated. With a wealth of features on offer, knowing where to begin may be the most difficult thing to figure out.

But though Sage provides a panoply of features, its core value is of ease of use, and practicality. Sage has built its global reputation through high-quality software for accounting, and through providing comprehensive software support. This means that if you run into a dead-end while learning to negotiate the software, you can be assured that the solution to your issue is only a call or click away.

So, where to begin?

Learning Sage’s core services is the best starting point. Thankfully, Sage provides inclusive product support – if you need to learn how to use a feature of Sage’s software, there is likely a video that can set you on your way.

Sage cemented its reputation for excellence through its comprehensive support services, and this user education and support service remains an integral part of Sage’s offerings today. But what are the key features that you need to know?

Integrated banking

Sage offers banking integration, which means that you can check on your cash flow on the go. You can consolidate all of your banking accounts in one place using Sage, which means that you have complete knowledge of your financial status, whenever you want to check

Invoicing king

With Sage, you can process invoicing from suppliers and clients online. You don’t need to rely on out-dated print invoices anymore, nor do you have to manually process your invoices. With Sage, your invoices are linked to your inventory, keeping your records up-to-date in real time.

Do the To Do

Sage gives you complete understanding of your business’s finances. Take control with Sage’s planning capabilities – see who owes you money and when they are due to settle their accounts, get detailed breakdowns of the line items, and even access the documents that comprise your dealings with each individual company. Sage lets you plan more thoroughly.

Better budgets

Sage’s online accounting software gives you total financial control. Keep an eye on your budgets in real-time, and check how your budget is faring against the actual performance of your company. Because Sage integrates your financial data, you can see how your profits and losses are stacking up compared to your forecasts – this gives you the power to make crucial decisions before it’s too late.


Sage offers automated reporting services that give you the ability to process and produce reports on the internal state of your company, as well as making reports for your customers. You don’t need to rely on others to see a detailed balance sheet or profit/loss statement anymore – with Sage, the effort you need to put into your financials is done for you.


With Sage One Payroll, you can ensure that your employees are paid on time. Sage One Payroll is fully SARS compliant, meaning that you don’t have to face the hassle of calculating deductions like PAYE, UIF, and other government-mandated legislation. Sage One keeps payroll simple, efficient, and reliable.

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