Popular Questions – Banking

If you want to run a VAT report in a period that has unallocated transactions, you will be prompted to allocate these transactions to the correct account. This is to ensure that the correct VAT treatment has been applied to all the transactions. In order to allocate these transactions, you have two options:

  1. Click on the text in the warning message “unallocated banking transactions or transactions that need to be reviewed” which will display a popup screen – here you can allocate the transactions.
  2. The second option is to go to the banking screen and allocate the transactions there.

There is a search field on the top right of the banking screen which will search the screen for the phrase that you type in.

It all depends on the error you are getting – we advise that you contact our support department.

  • If it is a CSV issue – click on the “how do I set up a csv file?” on the banking screen when you click the Import Bank Statements button – here you can view and download an example csv file.
  • If it is a bank feeds issue you will need to contact the support department (this may require deactivating and reactivating your bank feeds)

If you receive the warning that duplicates have been found you will need to click on the text that says “Duplicates Found”.

This will open the additional information screen. On this screen, you will need to select the "View Duplicate Transactions" option.

This will display a popup screen to assist you in how to deal with the duplicate. You will have the following options:

  • Delete Transaction
  • Keep Transaction
  • Match Transaction

If you want to delete several duplicates you can use the selection box and delete action at the top of the grid.

With reference to point 2 above, mark selected as reviewed will only mark the transactions selected by the checkbox on the left of the transaction as reviewed. Mark all as reviewed will mark all transactions in the new transactions screen as reviewed.

The new transactions tab should be used for transactions that still require a review. They might still need to be allocated to an account or you may be unsure what to do with them. When you are satisfied with your transactions, you can move them to the Reviewed Tab.

To mark a transaction as reviewed you have two options:

  1. Select the checkbox on the left of the transaction:
    1. From the actions section at the top of the grid you can “mark as reviewed”
    2. At the bottom of the screen you can “mark selected as reviewed”
  2. Select the “mark all as reviewed” option at the bottom of the screen

If you want to delete a split transaction you first need to delete the additional split lines.

  • Click on the splits icon to bring up the splits popup screen
  • Delete the additional lines to return the popup to only one line (the original line)
  • Adjust the amounts accordingly
  • Once the splits are deleted you can edit/delete the original transaction if you wish